Sharingwood Explorers!- Individual Sat.

New Format Fall 2022!!- Ages 5-18. *See below for discounts!*

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  • Sharingwood Farmstead

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(Note: For safety reasons, this class is ONLY available for children who concurrently enroll in, or have already participated in, one or more seasons of "Forest and Farm School" classes. ) ** Exciting New Format for Fall 2022!** Each of our Explorer weeks will cover a different animal on the farm, as we did in the Forest and Farm class. BUT instead of learning the basics of that species as we did in the Forest and Farm class, we will be doing a deep dive into learning about that animal and how humans have used them over history! We will be doing a project for each week and will incorporate games, ecology, permaculture, and forest activities throughout! As an example, on the same week that our Forest and Farm class is learning about cows and milking the cows, the Explorers will be learning more about interesting cow facts/ history/ stories and doing cow related projects, such as making fresh ice cream, learning about leather-working, making a teepee, making a cow-bell craft, fashioning yokes, etc. The adventures and possibilities abound! (Pricing includes project supplies) The topics (deep diving with projects!) will include: Poultry-- Sept 10 Animals of the Wild (Squirrels, Birds, Deer, etc)-- Sept 17 Beekeeping-- Oct 8 Cows-- Oct 15 The class will be 2 hours-- approximately 1.5 hrs of activity/project work and 30 min of unstructured time to interact freely with animals, explore, or play with friends! This listing of Sharingwood Explorers provides some flexibility for families that may not be able to attend all 4 Saturdays of Explorers. You can choose to enroll in one, two, three or all four classes, held on the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of September and October 2022. 2nd and 3rd Saturdays 9am- 11am Sept 10, Sept 17, Oct 8, Oct 15 **New discount plan beginning Fall 2022: We recognize that programming for children adds up-- especially with multiple children! We have come up with a solution that we think is a real win-win! If you would like to receive a discount on any class/ activity/ camp/ or market purchase, please come to one of our Volunteer Saturdays! For every person* that works for a 2 hr block, we will give a $50 credit towards a class/ activity/ camp/ or purchase of your choice. That means that you can attend classes for much less than you would without volunteering and we get some much needed help around the farm! Win-win! Be sure to sign up for the "Volunteer Fall 2022" dates that you would like to attend! *usually ~10 years+

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