Jersey Cow


Since May 2020 the Farmstead has been a little home dairy. 2 years old, loves Allison, and is a good sweet girl.


American Guinea Hogs

 Hogmanay, Patty-pie, & Penny

New Years Eve surprise 2019. These pigs are a smaller, gentle breed with nice long hair. We love watching them free range on special occasions!


Chickens, Guinea Hens, & Ducks

All sorts of breeds

First joined the farm April 2019. Good layer hens who love to free range. A variety of colors and breeds make this flock fun to watch.

SharingwoodFarmstead_2020_ - 132.jpeg


New Zealand Mix

Began with a few in Fall 2019 and they breed like rabbits! Our natural little colony allows them to live together and let nature take its course, when we allow it. They are gentle and calm enough to be cuddled and loved by visitors.

SharingwoodFarmstead_2020_ - 117.jpeg

Honey Bees

2 Hives

Established from nucs in Spring 2020, they know just what to do. Our trees and flowers and noticeably better from their pollination.


Fish & Frog Pond

Fish we purchased. Frogs just appear!

Even though it is small (8 FT x 4 FT), the fish pond has dozens of frogs and toads in warm weather. What lovely songs they sing at night.

SharingwoodFarmstead_2020_ - 69.jpeg

Dogs & Cats

Sophie, Lady, Octavia, Button, Midnight

Our two yellow-lab mixes were saved from shelters to enjoy the great outdoors and keep us safe. Our three cats think they're in charge too.