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Sharingwood Farmstead is our dream come true that we are happy to share with others. We are not professional farmers, we are a small family-run operation, and we do not pretend to know everything - in fact we are still learning as we go. But we are passionate about sharing what we do have and what we do know with others. That’s the “sharing” in Sharingwood (it’s also a nod to Robin hood’s Sherwood Forest because much of our land is forested). Our Farmstead is like a Homestead or Hobby Farm except it involves selling products in addition to the aspects of self reliance. It has evolved quickly and continues to do so.


In 2018 we purchased a neglected vacant home and property to fix up and enjoy with our young children. It is 7 acres with 5 acres fully fenced - perfect for exploring the woods and maze-like paths without ever getting lost. After seeing the wonder and excitement of forest exploration through all the changing seasons, we realized it was something special. We have always loved nature and being surrounded by it all the time was magical. We have started dabbling in “permaculture” gardening - a holistic approach to use the forces of nature to your benefit rather than continually trying to beat it. But if we have land, why not some animals to go with it?


We started with a dozen Chickens in Spring 2019, started with 4 Rabbits that Summer, and added 2 baby Pigs on New Year’s Eve. In Spring 2020 we had naturally expanded to over 20 rabbits in an outdoor colony, added another 2 dozen Chickens, began 2 bee hives, and in May 2020 purchased our Jersey milk cow Erika. We strive to give our animals as much freedom as we can and so enjoy the symbiotic relationships of helping each other. But if we have land and animals, why not invite other families to come and enjoy it?


Allison has always loved working and teaching children and youth and in one way or another has been doing that since she was a youth herself. A social worker by trade, she worked with youth as a mentor in various capacities. Allison has been told she has a gift for teaching and is a natural. Over the years she has taught our own children at home, taught outdoor Tinkergarten classes, taught various homeschooler co-op classes, taught youth and children church classes, and taught a series of social/emotional skills courses. Combining all these passions into one is the essence of Sharingwood Farmstead: love of teaching children and youth, love of nature, animals, and outdoors, and love of sharing blessings with others.


To that end, we offer our Forest and Farm School classes. We believe that every person of all ages will benefit from more time outdoors and more time interacting face-to-face with other people.  Both are just so good for the soul! 


We look forward to sharing our unique experiences with you at Sharingwood Farmstead.


We do not list our address publicly, but we are located south of Wentzville, MO in beautiful St Charles County!

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